Found a CaphBand Wearer that needs Help? - Simply Scan the Band QR Code or Call 877-213-7443

Peace of mind if A loved one needs help, someone can contacted you Fast!

CAPH - Connect Assist for Personal Health 

Instantly connect with your loved ones should they wander off, get lost or in need.

How Does It Help Me When I find a Wearer that needs help?

CAPHBand Automatic Alert Features will Connect You to Their Loved Ones Instantly!

  1. A Good Samaritan or Responder simple scans the QR Code on the CAPHBand and automatically, email and texts alerts are sent out to the contacts on the account profile.  Your Phone Scan will show the wearers contact phone numbers so you can contact them instantly. Additional pertinent information will display such as Allergies, Medical Conditions and Medications.
  2. No QR Reader on your phone? Simple dial the toll free number on the band and enter the serial ID #. Your call will formard to the phone number listed on the account profile for insatant connection to the band wearer's parent, guardian or medical contact.

CAPHBand Basic - Offers Wearer's Alert Location Features from a QR Code Scan.

A Good Samarian simply scans the wearer's band QR Code and automatically an instant alert will send out to all contacts on the band wearer's profile. These email and text alert messages when clicked on will open showing the band wearer’s scan location in Google Maps.

CAPHBand HEALTH - Offers Wearer's Basic Features Plus Health Profile or Medical History Instantly with the QR Code Scan.

Do you need to provide caretakers of your loved ones access to the patient's latest medical information, conditions and medications? Our Enhance CAPH HEALTH Band is the perfect solution. Medical information can be logged, updated instantly and available anytime.

CAPHBand Perfect for Anyone and Everyone

Anyone with an active lifestyle should wear a CAPHBand

CAPHBand is a must for SPORT FANATICS Today’s Runners, Bikers, Skiers  should all be wearing  a CAPHBand evertime they head out the door.  Most of these athletes are out there, many times alone with out any identification or emergency contact information.  CAPHBAND provides it if it is ever needed.


Children and Adults with Disabilites

CAPHBand is a voice to connect this population to their loved ones and caretakers if they get lost or disoriented and need to  be re-connected instantly.

CAPHBand for Dementia Patients

No matter how hard you try to looking out for seniors, things can happen that are just unavoidable.  CAPHBand help re-connect these loved ones whenever this unfortunate situation or separation occurs. 


Mary D

"My son Brant has autisum and every time we go out I am scared to death he will start to run or wander off. With CAPHBand I still have to watch him but I have a little piece of mind someone will contact me if he does wander off"  

Jane M

“My son plays travel soccer and I hear these horror stories of the players getting hurt and no one knows the mom or dad's contact info, My sons friend's dont know mine! With CAPHBand I know they can always contact me instantly anywhere."

Will R

“My wife wears one when she goes out.  She feels safer knowing I can be reached if something happens and I like the scan features that can alert me to where she is if any problems should occur. " 


QR CODE Phone Scan results

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