Medical Missions Electronic Patient Records

Web Based Medical Records that allow you to keep patient information year after year with out having to invest in a costly ERM system. Patient data always available when an internet connection is available anytime and anywhere.

No Internet connection available at mission clinic? Simply print out patient's H & P before hand, write on this hard copy and enter the new updated info when internetconnection is available. Simple and easy record keeping!  Need to share Patient's info with a colleague? Share a link feature makes it simple and easy.

The patient's Medial Chart is available when ever you or an assocate needs to review a patient's record. Each Unique Band ID code allows you to customize your record keeping info on patient.

Perfect Solution for Medical Miissions that rotate their medical staff to mission locations. Each visit with a provider is recorded in patient's medical  record for their next clinic vist with a medical provider. In country Providers can upadte records in between your missions. You can review patient chart anytime to monitor patient's progress.

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