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Please contact us to learn more about our group affiliation bulk discount program. We also have a fund raising program that will allow your organization to receive bands a special rate and raise funds for your cause. Please contact us to learn more about our CAPHBand partnership program.   

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Visiting Healthcare Providers use CAPH Health Band for instant access to medical records.

Our CAPHHealth Band is the perfect solution to get instant updated info on your clients and patients. Providers simply scan the QR Code on the patient's CAPHealth band by any smart device and all their patient history, medical conditions, medications are viewable instantly.

Changes and notes can be made and saved.  Password protected.

Perfect for Children or Adults with Disabilites

Don't let the fear of this special needs population wandering off and getting lost take control of your life.  With CAPHBand the worry of how will someone contact you if your loved one does wander off is elimited. The instant scan location and dialing contact feature gives you peace of mind. 

Medical Records for Medical Missions

Does your Organization Need EMR for your Medical Mission Patients?

Does your nonprofit organization diagnose and treat patients in under developed countries? Our CAPHBand Medial is a perfect solution to keep medical records on your patients anywhere in the world.  Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization record and store medical info on your patients and available anytime online with an internet connection.  Paper records are a thing of the past and can get lost or misplaced.  Our CAPHBand Medical is the perfect permanent ERM solution for all your medical missions.

Dr. Tony Bonazzo - Quito, Equador Mission

“Nothing is more rewarding than a since heartfelt thanks at the end of a medical mission. If you have not been on a medical or humanitarian mission find out how you can get involved.  You can change a life for the better and you will be changed forever.” – Tony Bonazzo, M.D.  Call me to learn more about our EMR program or more about joining a medical mission. 

Dr. Tony Bonazzo , Huntington, CT


Medical Missions change lives forever.

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Medical Misions are healing the world everyday.


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